Delay on arrow movement through cells


I’ve just installed LibreOffice I am switching from OpenOffice, because there is not much going on there.

When opening my time sheet in Calc I immediately noticed that when moving the blue cell focus around with the arrow keys I get a very annoying delay.

Is there any way to fix this? It is very annoying, really, and I even remember sticking to OpenOffice just because of that some months ago.


You may test, if switching rendering options like use skia etc. has effects. Some hardware/graphics card drivers has issues there.

Is not enough information to think on different behavior between office-suites.

Hi, thanks for replying.

I’m not sure if I understood you. What do you mean with “skia”?

I’m on Windows 11 BTW, as tagged.

I can see from Extras → Options/Preferences, that I am using “OpenCL”, let me just try this.

In the options/preferences dialog, clicking on the tree elements to the left has this delay as well.

Wow. That was unexpected.

I unchecked the option “OpenCL” and the delays seem to have gone away.

Thanks for helping!