Delete a section of an outline - the actual content

I have a long document - an anthology - carefully divided into outline levels/sections. I need to produce a special version with about half the stories. I’d like to be able to delete entire stories (outline levels) by just clicking on the level in the navigator and pressing delete - or something similar. Word does this, but I can’t figure out how to make it work in Writer.

How can I select and delete an outline level and its sublevels from the navigator pane?

You can add a condition to hide your sections. On each section you want to hide,

  1. edit the section and mark hidden checkbox.
  2. Give a condition such as ‘reduced eq 1’
  3. On the top of your document find a place not very visible and insert a field (Insert > Field > More)
  4. ON the Variable tab, select Define Variable
  5. type “reduced” in the Name Box
  6. Type 1 in the Value box. A loose ‘1’ will be in the not very visible place…
  7. Close field dialog.

Now, when reduced=1 the section is hidden and not printed or displayed. Your original content can be used/seen/printed changing the field ‘reduced’ to 0 (zero).

Thanks. This is interesting input - hadn’t known I could do this - but doesn’t really address the desired result: deleting a section of the document entirely and easily.