Delete all formatting info in Writer

How can I delete all formatting on a part of text in Writer? I would like to see even un-formatted text, or text in default style.
I’m using alpha build.
My address is: kutyacsulok(at)gmail(dot)com

I have tried the CTRL+M, but it seems, as it did nothing.

Ctrl+M targets only direct formatting, i.e. formatting added with toolbar buttons or keyboard equivalent like Ctrl+B for bold. To “unformat” a paragraph, you must remove all three categories: direct formatting, character and paragraph formatting. As said, this will leave you in Default Style formatting. You can’t have a lower level of formatting.

To receive a better advice, edit your question to tell what you want to do with unformatted text.

If you stick with Writer, there is no way to “delete” formatting because every paragraph has a style. The best you can do is:

  1. select the part you want to “unformat”
  2. remove all direct formatting with Ctrl+M
  3. give this selection paragraph style Default Style
  4. apply character style Default Style

Technically, the part still has a formatting defined by Default Style but this style, which should never be used in any document, is the most “neutral” one. As its name implies, it is used to define default attributes for all other styles. You can improve “unformatting” by customising this style.

An alternative could be to cut the part and paste it as unformatted text (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V).

A more radical solution for a whole document is to export it (save it) in .txt format. This really removes all formatting information and the exported file can be opened in any text editor.

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