Delete index entry marks for all similar texts in document?

I created an Alphabetical Index in my document that contains the word “weather.” I select one instance of the word “weather” and do {Insert > Table of Contents and Index > Index Entry}. I check “Apply to all similar texts” and click “Insert.” LO Writer “automatically marks all other occurrences of the selected text in the document” and, in total, finds 91 instances of the word “weather” (both “weather” and “Weather”) to mark and gives the appropriate information to the Alphabetical Index.

Later, I realize I made a mistake and want to delete the “weather” entry from my Alphabetical Index. I can place my cursor in instance 1 of 91 of marked word “weather” and do {Edit > Reference > Index Entry} and click “Delete.” Unfortunately, this leaves instances 2 - 91 of marked word “weather” in the Alphabetical Index.

How can I quickly remove all 91 marks [or index-related fields] from all 91 instances of the word “weather” in my document so “weather” is no longer in the Alphabetical Index without manually placing cursor in each of 91 instances of marked word “weather”? To be explicit, solutions that involve creating a new Alphabetical Index or manually changing the displayed index are not solutions.




You should be able to delete most instances with EditFind & Replace:

  • Find: \W*weather\W*
  • Replace: &
  • other options: tick Regular expressions
  • Replace all


PS: For such indexing needs a concordance file may be more appropriate

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Is there a way to replace two (or more) words at the same time? Say “weather|climate”.