Delete invisible page break in writer

I need to delete a page break that doesn’t show up when I reveal formatting. How do I do that?

Edit your question (= modify it) to improve it. Mention OS name, LO version and save format (i.e. odt vs. doc(x)).
There are several possibilities for page breaks: you may have added it manually; they can be a consequence of configuring text flow properties in a paragraph style or result from a page parity constraint (odd/even page).
Give maximum information about your document.


If it is a real page break, then it is always visible as a dashed blue line between the pages in normal view.
Put your mouse over it and then a small menu appears.
Other solution is to select passing through the page break and press delete.

ebissi, I ended up creating a new document; however, I’ve added your suggestion to my list of hints for future reference.

ajlittoz, I assumed this would be a relatively simple solution which would not depend on my machine. Believe me, if the problem had been more complicated and the infomation were relevant to my problem, I would have added it.
Thank you both.

OS name, LO version and save format are always relevant as there are lots of subtle differences. This is the price to pay with portable applications.

And I forgot to mention another nasty case: a frame or image anchored To page.