Delete question

How can I delete a question?

Questions should not be deleted so that they are available to other participants.

I know. But in case I want to delete a question, how would I do it?


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Click on your post you want to delete so that the thread is open. At the bottom of the post will be several icons including a link button (share link), three dots (show more), and a pen button (for editing). Click the three dots and then you will see a trashcan icon appear (delete topic). Clicking the trashcan icon deletes the topic.

As was mentioned, don’t delete a topic unless there is absolutely nothing to be gained by others from it, for example if you accidentally posted a question about something entirely unrelated to LibreOffice.

The point of forums like these is to be able to find solutions to problems rather than asking the same questions over and over, so even seemingly ‘dumb’ questions with simple answers can help others. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m aware on how these kind of forums work and sometimes a small part of a huge solution is useful. However I made a very specific question and the comments keep going around something I didn’t asked so I can’t see how it can be useful. Notice that the solutions proposed can be found with a simple google query and that “solution” doesn’t apply.

Under the question, there is a list of tools. If you don’t see a trash bin, click on the icon/link to expand extra tools.

Be aware that questions are not really deleted. They are hidden and any user can request question contents by clicking on the “pencil” tool to access question edit history.


What if I don’t have the trash bin nor the three dots…? Maybe because of my user level?

This is likely. You’re at Trust Level 0. See this link for the definition of trust levels. This is the official Discourse site and does not reflect AskLO customisation. However, the general privilege rules hold.

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