Delete Rulers

In Libre Office Writer, I have a document that I am working on that has two rulers, one I want to get rid of, that causes text to go vertically down the document. When I try to remove it by right clicking the ruler at the top, it only gives me the option to change the measurement to centimeters, inches,ect. When I hover over the ruler it says .319" to .774". I want to get rid of the paragraph ruler entirely.
Any help would be great.

example of vertical text:

(edit: activated screenshots)

Instead of screenshot upload an anonymized sample file for better examing…

Controls in the ruler allow you to change paragraph indents, not page margins. Please reword (=edit) your question to better explain what you want and what you did. Controls, ie. the little triangles and tab stops, are accessed with left-click and drag. Right-click (what you did) is for ruler configuration.

Show what you describe as “text to go down the side of the document”.

Why did you tag “columns” and “box”? What is the relation with your question?

Unfortunately, your second screenshot doesn’t show enough: it isn’t clear if your small justification is the result of narrow page margins or excessive paragraph indents. Show both part of text AND horizontal ruler with View>Formatting Marks enabled.

You have one of two things in your document, for which you still didn’t provide any sample (which you could get by simply removing all text): a table with two columns, or (more probable) two-column layout. The former might be removed by selecting TableDeleteTable (with cursor inside the table), while the latter is either a section formatting or a page style formatting. Sections can be managed in FormatSections, where you can simply delete sections (which will still keep the contents, only remove the section), and pages may be formatted using FormatPage. or in Page Styles sidebar.

You see, the possibilities are more than one, and not providing a sample (posting blind and non-informative pictures, where you don’t even show formatting marks) is the worst you can do to get a useful answer; you disrespect those who are willing to help, and who have explicitly asked you for a sample. Please be more polite next time.