Delete with foreign key consrraints

My goal is to delete selected records (from MemberMaster) and have cascading deleting on associated tables containing a matching foreign key. I’m getting a " integrity constraint violation: foreign key no action; SYS_FK_10138 table: PhoneNumbers" error. I tried to use MATCH SIMPLE ON DELETE CASCADE with my basic statement `

` DELETE FROM "MemberMaster" WHERE "NotActive" = TRUE 

with no success at all. I must really be misunderstanding the constraint definition concept. Been reading about it all day and understand less now then when I started. Any help is appreciated.

The problem is in your relations. From menu Tools->Relations. Right click line from ‘Master’ to ‘PhoneNumbers’ & select Edit. Then under Delete Options select Delete Cascade. Statement should work. You may want to check other relations for Add/Delete cascading effect.

Ah-Ha! That’s where it was hiding.
I must have missed that page. Thanks once more worker of miracles.

Unfortunately you probably didn’t miss any page. It is in the 'Getting Started with Base` (getting started documents near top) guide and not in the Base section.