Deleted content reappears when switching between "Writer" and "Word"

I’ve wrote a big file on “Word”

I opened it via “Writer”

I saved it again as a “Word” file

I opened that “Word” file

Expected results: The file will stay the same

Actual results: Deleted charts that I have deleted before re-appeared


Are you sure they were deleted before save?. Please test if you can see those tables in the navigator [F5] before save.

I have tested this and the results are the same as before

Have you tried going through the navigator [F5] to verify if they were deleted?

Sorry for being away for long, I didn’t notice that you commented. I just checked and they were indeed deleted.

Bad practice

You should not be using LibreOffice and MS Office applications, back and forth for editing documents!
If you need to collaborate with someone that uses another office suite then expect your documents/work to break! Each office suite will have it’s own way of defining styles, embedding special objects and so forth.


I always advice users that need to collaborate on documents, stick with one unified solution or expect a headache.
This is not a fault of LibreOffice or MS Office, this is user error. Each office suite is independently developed and if they happen to be able to read each others document formats it is simply for the sake of allowing a user an opportunity to transition their work over to a new suite.

I hope this helps you to resolve the issue, by use of better practices.