Deleting a table in Impress?

Same procedure as in Sizing column width of table column in Impress? :

Using LO Impress Version:, Ubuntu Natty 11.04. Start a new presentation, and then from main menu: Insert > Table. Choose 10 columns, 2 rows, then OK. When the table appears, go to the very first cell, type “blah blah blah” - I get something like this:

The thing is - even if I select this table (it becomes all blue, and I have handles at end that resize it), I can NOT delete it?!! Why?

After it is selected, I try:

  • Hitting DEL - nothing happens, the table is still there
  • Main menu: Edit > Cut (there is no Delete option?), or via right-click context menu > Cut - nothing happens, the table is still there?

So how can I delete a table from an Impress slide?

You found an interesting point. I tested LibO on XP.

Alternative is to select an entire column and click delete the rows or select an entire row and delete all columns

  1. Click on any cell in the table
  2. Choose command Select Table
  3. Choose command Delete Row

Whole table is gone.

Update: in version there does not seem to be a “Select table” any more. You have to select all the cells manually, and then Delete Row works again.

The table selection can be also done by selection the table frame. When the whole selection is blue means that all the cells are selected but not the table it self.

  1. If the cursor is not in a cell, the selection of the table frame will select all cells
  2. if the cursor is in a cell, the selection of the table frame will select the table.

Hope this will help also

Mhm, found a workaround, but it’s rather bizarre - use the rectangle draw tool from the bottom bar, draw a rectangle near the table; then using the mouse pointer, make a rectangular selection containing both the rectangle and the table - if you hit DEL now, both will disappear ?! Oh, well… at least there’s a way :)

I could not apply the other solution. THIS one works!

I cannot believe. It is 2018, LibreOffice and I still cannot delete tables in Impress!