Deleting numbers and text with expressions (need little help)

i have text like this
+55056 active Aug. 20, 2018 492 commentsonbannna
+52206 active Aug. 20, 2018 796 commentsonapples
+36475 active Aug. 20, 2018 1008 commentsonpears
now i was trying and failing to create a expression to delete from + all the way to comments leaving the rest out, i can use normal replace to delete (active Aug. 20, 2018) & (1008 comments)which leaves me on just +36475 onpears which i can also do and delete just the (+#####). mainly i’m just trying to get rid of the +00000 but i’m doing large spreadsheet so it would take me a few weeks by hand.

any help will be appreciated and thanks.

You put base into tags; but mention “spreadsheet”? what is the real component?

i don’t even know what base means for some reason it’s require of one of the 4 choices. i wasn’t actually going to add those because my question ha nothing to do with those… base i guess common would fit?

what application in the suite (Calc, Writer, Impress, Draw, Base, Math) are you using?

@Knightwolf, It sure would be helpful to YOURSELF to take the time to write a much better question. First learn to use line breaks and formatting, instead of writing one long run-on sentence. Next get rid of “(need a little help)” it’s redundant. Clearly say what you are using, start with what OS you’re running on, say what version of LO you’re using, figure out how to answer Mike’s question about Calc, Writer, etc. Show us that you’re trying, and you’re more likely to get better help here

Is that text in one cell? Or is it individual cells with +##### ... commentson... each? What exactly do you want to delete? All text +##### ... but leaving the commentson... intact?

I’m using multi coloms i’m not a beginner in spreadsheets but i’m also not advance user. to the point i know i can do graphs and such but expressions and such i’m pretty basic Imgur: The magic of the Internet I mainly want the green gone but i can get the rest of the red out bymyself

As for EasyTrieve he should know already that i’m bad at writing questions but ill be nice saying windows 10 latest open office update. although i should just ignore him.

ok thanks i was trying \D["+"]\d+ & +\d

@Knightwolf, “windows[sic] 10 latest[sic] open office[sic] update”. Ok, that’s a good start in the right direction. Note that Open office is different than Libre Office, and this forum is for Libre Office, although both are mostly the same. As to ignoring my comment, I will say this: I have the greatest respect for people here, especially those who are answering questions and providing feedback to questions. I think the same perspective would be good for you to have too, but it’s your choice.

  1. Select the columns (just to avoid accidental removal of matching pattern in other cells, however unlikely).
  2. Use regular expressions, and replace ^\+\d{5} active .+ \d+ comments(?=\w) in current selection (check relevant checkboxes in Find & Replace dialog).

As for EasyTrieve he should know already that i’m bad at writing questions …

Unfortunately, it’s not well-known that being good in asking good questions is just as important as learning how to read.