Deleting or correcting several instances of the same index entry (Writer)


I have just written a book and I am creating an alphabetical index. I know how to do it and I also know how to manually delete or edit the entries that I have already created. However, whenever I have to edit or delete several instances of the same entry, manually editing or deleting them is not a viable option.

Suppose that I first didn’t want to create independent entries for “chair”, “table” and “sofa” and decided to create a general entry called “furniture”. In other words, I marked “chair”, “table” and “sofa”, but named the entries for all of them “furniture”. Then I changed my mind and decided to create independent entries for “chair”, “table” and “sofa”. It is easy to create these new entries, but I could not find a way to delete all previously created entries called “furniture”.

My first question is thus: is there a way to delete (that is, unmark) all instances of the “furniture” entry? I know I can do it manually one by one, but if I have hundreds of them, this will be quite a boring task…

My second question is similar to the first and I suppose that, if there is an answer for the first question, it will be the same for the second question. Suppose that I created the entry “furniture”, but mispelled it (say “gurniture”). Is there a way to correct the entry? Or will I have to manually correct each of one of the (hundreds of) wrong entries?

Thank you very much in advance.