Demote bullets in new textboxes

Hi there!

I encounter a really confusing behavior since a long time and wonder why it is:

  • When I enter text in the textboxes, that are created automatically when choosing a layout, the bulleting and the de/promoting of item works as expected.
  • When I use the “Insert new textbox”, the bulleting works but the demoting does not work! (While the demote button is usually not greyed out)

Given that I see this behavior on many of my installations, I guess it’s not just a misconfig on my side (?) I post it here for others to maybe see that they should use the layout-textboxes, but also because I’d like to learn why this behavior is chosen? I’d expect this to be very confusing/frustrating for many users. Could this be unified? Or is there a way to pop up a hint if one tries to use the the demote-button in a textbox?)

(using LO 5.4.03. on ubuntu 17.4)

Could not notice this misbehavior on my LinuxMint 17.3 (fork of Ubuntu 14.4) LO (LO installed parallel).