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Is there a way to change the desktop icon? It’s so boring as it is

The procedure depends on the OS as this is done by the OS itself, not LO. But, you didn’t mention yours.

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Am using both Win 10 and Win 11

Changing the desktop icon can be done by right clicking on it, selecting Properties and then clicking Change Icon button in one of the tabs.
You will need to have an icon ready that you can navigate to, you could try the one linked from this similar request, [libreoffice-design] Suggestion: Change LibreOffice Icon

It might be easier to choose the Writer or the Calc shortcut to have on your desktop instead.

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Thank you Earnest. Like you said: I don’t know how to replace it in the files myself.” And that’s where I’m at. I see the icon you’re referring to but so far, I’m not able to change what I’ve got for it.

If you are not confident of making that change then best not to.

You could instead right-click on Writer in the Start Menu and select Pin to taskbar. Drag the icon from the taskbar to the desktop; it will open Writer directly, not the Start Centre, but the icon looks better

Thank you for your responses!
Still working on it. It would be nice if a developer would feel impelled to make this silly little adjustment for the program(s). Sounds like it has come up before.

Another Question please. At one point I was able to adjust the User Interface with larger, bolder icons in a little different style (big improvement for the old eyes). Tried to do again for my wife, but I’m either in the wrong spot or something changed in this 7.3 version. Any ideas for this one?

In the menu, click Tools - Options. In the dialogue box that opens, select LibreOffice - View, then choose an icon style to suit. I’m not by the computer at the moment but maybe try Elementary or Sakapura. I normally select the svg option but if you have an older computer maybe the plain version.