Detecting mission fonts in Libreoffice Draw

I am exporting pdf to edit in Libreoffice Draw but I feel like some fonts are missing or not showing properly in Libreoffice Draw and it is using some alternative fonts for that. How to find out the missing fonts?

Not a full-fledged answer, thus I put it in a comment.

Click on a text box and Format>Character. If font face displays italics, it is not installed.

I am not sure on how you can exhaustively detect all missing fonts. I have no “foreign” PDFs to try out. Maybe the font face menu above will list all fonts in the document and some of them will be italics or you’ll have to test various text boxes in the PDF to see if the face is OK.

Open the pdf in Adobe acrobat, look at the font tab in properties to see the list of fonts in the pdf

You are better to edit everything before exporting to pdf. Pdf is the final document

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