Devanagari characters don't appear in writer even the cursor doesn't move when I hit a button, but in gedit it works

Build ID: 350m1(Build:2) , Writer , hungarian
Ubuntu 12.0.4, hungarian

I’ve got a proglem with writer. Devanagari characters don’t appear.
In system tools > language support > I installed hindi language and drag it on the second place.
In system tools > keyboard > settings I added indian keyboard. After that an icon appeared on the toolbar, and I could change between the two languages (hu, in) with the shit+CapsLock key combination.
Started writer and hungarian language text appeared correctly, but devanagari characters did not, even the cursor did not move whenever I hit a key on the keyboard.
In gedit everything worked fine.

Please help me
Thanks in advance

The problem solved by restoring an earlier image of my ubuntu partition. I had to do it twice, because first all of the upgrades installed after restoration and the problem in writer reappeared. Secon time I did not let install the “libicu48” package and for now that is the solution. So caused my problem now I use and I’m happy.
I hope this information will be useful for someone