Developing extension on LibreOffice for Pardus OS

Hello there.

I want to develop an extension(Add-in / Add-on).
This extension will works on Pardus operating system.
With all the content, this extension must make an http request while saving the doc.
Is it possible to do that ? And how i to do that ?
I will use windows for the development environment. I need a cross platform solution(for run this extension in windows and Pardus).

I will be grateful if you could help me.


Cross posted to OpenOffice forum where responses have been given

Use WEBSERVICE() as I demonstrated here in Basic. Save the stream you get in response to your request to a string variable and evaluate it by the means of your choice accessing this variable.
My demo only shows a very simple (though not trivial) example using FILTERXML() in this place. FILTERXML() itself may not meet your needs, however.
Don’t think of the two mentioned functions as a “tandem” as MS philosophers tend to. Don’t watch silly youtube videos concerning these functions.
Once again: Standard functions of Calc can be used by LibreOffice independent of any opened document. You don’t need an active spreadsheet or anything alike. Simply create a FunctionAccessObject. This is possible even if no document at all is opened by the “StarDesktop”. The mentioned demo works without a spreadsheet.