Diagonal Fractions?

Is there a nice way to construct diagonal fractions using Math?

If not, it would make a nice feature addition.


Thank you.

They’ve been added to the update. “Wideslash” is the word.

I worked out a clunky workaround.

size +5 {{}^1 / {}_6}

Will give a passable diagonal fraction.


Please consider filing an enhancement bug. Thanks!

It would be a nice feature addition, something like a “compact” or “in-line” format option, I agree (something like the two different LaTeX equation types). I don’t know how hard that is though.

For now, I keep using TexMath for equations (but I know LaTeX syntax already, and am used to the way the equations turn out); if only that could create something more than a picture. It is much more complex than what Libreoffice Math can do, so using the output of that with Math seems unlikely to be easier than adding an option for diagonal fractions.

What kinds of diagonal fractions are we talking about?

Unicode has a lot of glyphs (e.g. Number Forms - Wikipedia) for basic fractions, so I wonder if you could just do a simple search-and-replace… maybe even run that as a macro…

I do a lot of math worksheets so sometimes I might need something like 3/16 or x/5.

Numeric fractions are easy with unicode: ³⁄₁₆