Dialog hyperlink control. How/where do I set the target URL?

I want to add a hyperlink control to a dialog, but cannot find where or how to set the target URL. I found a sample file, “hyperlink_sample.ods”, which has a working link, but I cannot find where the target link is set. Also, there seems to be a known bug where the target URL is opened twice; has this been amended?

Which LibreOffice version do you use?

(According to LibreOffice 6.3 Release Notes Hyperlink control within the Dialog-Editor has been added in version 6.3)

Thanks for the info. It turns out that the “Object Catalog” window was of such a size that I could not scroll down far enough to see the last line.

Using Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS and kernel 5.4.0-58, I am still getting the target URL loading twice in Firefox 84.0.


You need to expand the properties window to scroll down (so many bugs - can’t even tell the control type):

Label is the text that appears.

Then scroll all the way to the bottom:

There you find URL.

In my brief testing this did not open twice.