Dictionary Extensions

Is it possible for a regular user to create a dictionary file, .oxi, and install and use it for spell check?

And where are those dictionaries stored on the computer?

Is there any way I can open an .oxi file to take a look?

I am writing a book with fantasy names and such and I would like to create a separate file for spell check and such and then have it in a file or database. I am using Writer and Calc for this at the moment.

I don’t know about .oxi, but it is very easy to create .dic (plain-text) dictionary files (Tools-options-writing aids) and set them on and off depending on which world you are writing in. Not sure if they support abbreviation. (And by setting their location on a synced drive you can use them on all your devices)

For real oxi’s you may need to check with development documentation

Or maybe search for tutorials; it may help to search on OpenOffice dictionaries, I don’t think they have changed the last decade.

Yes, you can create such extensions. Unfortunately, there is no guide (at least, I could not find), thus, the best way is to study existing extensions. The matter is that it is not just a file, but a bunch of files to prepare. Extension files are ZIP archives and can be viewed with virtually any archiver.

When installed by user, they land in the extension subdirectory (uno_packages) of the user profile.

Just coming across this… looking at existing extension dictionaries provides a good insight, apart from that the OpenOffice.org documentation should still be applicable.