Did anybody know LibreOffice's printing workflow?

OS: Virtualbox Ubuntu 16.04.

Did anybody know how LibreOffice to call the print service (how to throw the print job to CUPS)? Use which function call/system call or which API (does it use PAPI?)?

I have been searching in the source code for a long time but I still didn’t know which file was the core of printing…(many files seem like just deal with the print dialog and the printer information that prepare to send to the printer, but I want to know LibreOffice use which function call or API to send this information to print server)… I really want to know the workflow of printing.

I found the website of OpenOffice: Mac OS X Porting - Native Printing - Apache OpenOffice Wiki
, does LibreOffice was worked the same as OpenOffice?

I know that this question may should ask on #libreoffice-dev, but I’m not the English native speaker, the chat-like Q&A was too difficult for me. Also, I don’t know how to register the account of #libreoffice-dev, that was very difficult to wait for somebody to give me a response since that the message will disappear when offline, and the time difference was the problem too.

Hope somebody can reply this question :slight_smile: