Different chapter title numbering

I tried two different heading styles.
For the first style I used outline numbering numbering - works fine.
The second style I set the tab Outline & Numbering - Outline level to Level 1, 2 and 3.
But it works only the first level.


1 Chapter header (ok)
1.1 Sub header (ok)
1.1.1 Sub sub header (ok)
A Chapter header (A - ok)
B Sub header (A.1 – not ok)
C Sub sub header (A.1.1 – not ok)

According to this link it should work.

Where is my mistake?
Thanks Lukas


EDIT: I found a bug specification related to this post:
Bug link

Bug fdo#42920 does not appear related to your query here. In fact that bug has so many misconceptions about outline numbering and list numbering (which are different) it is difficult to determine exactly what the bug is about or even if it is a bug. Paragraphs do not use outline numbering as paragraphs are not hierarchic. Paragraphs using list numbering are a list, which is why there are separate list styles provided in LO. Even the example files in that bug are terrible.

In general you are right, however in Comment 9 is the same behaviour described in this question. So at least two people of the universe expected some behaviour, but didn’t get it :). No problem, I solved it by using only one level in Annexes. Then are correctly numbered Tables, Pictures and Formulas too. Thanks.

Your first example (1, 1.1, 1.1.1) uses outline numbering. The second example (A, B, C) does not, although the resultant (A, A.1, A.1.1) would seem to indicate that LO is trying to apply outline numbering. It is not clear in the second lot of three headings how you wish the headings to number. Perhaps my post here is of some help?

EDIT: OK, I think I understand now what you are trying to do. You essentially want two tiers of heading in you outline numbering. This can be done, however it is something of a hack and so the behaviour may change with further updates to LO, so please be aware of this.

Outline numbering (Tools > Outline Numbering…) only offers one hierarchy of headings (1-10). If only three levels of heading are required in each tier of headings e.g., (1, 1.1, 1.1.1, and A, A.1, A.1.1) then the heading styles (Heading 1-3, and Untitled 1-3) can be associated to levels 1-3 and 5-7:

outline numbering

I could have started at level 4, but it is a good idea to leave at least one level blank, in case an extra level of heading needs to be added to the first tier. It will also be necessary to edit the table of contents (ToC). Right-click > Edit Index/Table > Create from section deselect Outline and select Additional Styles and click the ellipsis button beside this option. Set the levels of the headings manually:

ToC additional styles

The result should appear like:

page with two tiers of outline numbering

To improve the spacing in the ToC between the leading identifier and the following text, refer the answers here and here.

@oweng: My chapters all use a page style where the chapter number and title are automatically inserted in the header area with fields. Since the appendix properties (number and title) are no longer at level 1, does it mean I must create a new page style? And probably, a new page style per appendix since insertion becomes manual?

@ajlittoz, from memory (not near a computer at present) chapter increments are tied to H1 levels by default. I always create a separate appendice page style as a matter of course.

Thank you for answer. I’m not able to attach any file or image, so I put it here:

Here is detailed description:
First 3 chapter titles are created by default Paragraph styles for Heading (Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3). That is OK.

Next 3 chapters are created by new Paragraph styles for Heading and are Linked with Heading 1, 2 or 3). On the Outline & Numbering tab is set Outline level to Level 1, 2 or 3 and Numbering style to Numbering 1 (for all new 3 Heading styles). Numbering style Numbering 1 is also modified, that Level 1 is ABC, Level 2 is 123, etc.

I red your recommended post and I think, that settings is ok.

Best regards Lukas

Thanks for the example. I think I worked out what you are trying to do. I have updated my answer.

Hello Oweng,
thanks for answer.

And what about numbering of a tables or pictures?
There will be for example Table 1.1 expect of Table A.1…

Is there any workaround?


I created two parallel counters, one named illustrations and one named illustratiosA.
I configured the first to increment like 1.1, 1.2 1.3 2.1, 2.2 3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4… based on reseting every heading level 1 and the second to increment like A.1, A.2 A.3 B.1, B.2 C.1 C.2 C.3 C.4 based on reseting every level 6 (that is the number where my appendix styles start)
I managed to put both illustrations series in a single TOC for figures.
I think this will work