Different font name in Windows and Linux

Hi, I´m trying to edit the same document from two different SO: Windows 10 and Debian.

I’m using a custom OTF font: Avenir Next LT Pro. The problem is that in Windows the font is displayed as “AvenirNext LT Pro Regular” and in Debian as “Avenir Next LT Pro”, so writter doesn’t recognice it correctly in the styles i’ve created for the document.

Do anyone know if there is a solution to this problem. I tried editing the font name using a web service, it kind of worked but messed up the font spacing so it’s a no for me.

Thank you

See bug 35538 comment 61 and below for some technical discussion.

On Linux you can use the fontforge utility to edit font information. I’d suggest to edit the Windows font that way, so the modified font doesn’t get in the way with Debian package manager (or use user-local font).

However, the more appropriate method would be to use LibreOffice’s font replacement on one of the platforms, Tools → Options → LibreOffice → Fonts.

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I have a font about which FontForge objects that names are different in Mac and Windows entries but I can’t access this table through FontForge UI. It is then possible that there is also a Linux entry, but it is all the same inaccessible.

Best thing to do, as suggested by @erAck, is to configure the replacement Table in the options.

Element → Font Info (Ctrl+Shift+F), PS Names and/or TTF Names / Fullname don’t help?

No, this is what I looked for and the information reported in the warning is not there. I think Fontforge, despite its qualities, is not a fully developed project (some kind of beta presently). For example, on the TTF font with the warning, it tells me it is ignoring several tables or, said in other words, font technology evolves faster than its development.

The replacement table it’s the kind of solution I was looking for. Simple and quick.
Thank you so much.