Different limitations of the site

Composing a question here, I got this error:


It seems that there are lots of useless limits, at least useless for regulars here. While not a blocker, it seems reasonable to relax them for users with advanced TL?

Title must be at least 15 characters.
Post must be at least 20 characters.

But tag is optional (for this category).

Posts must be at least 10 characters. (was changed on the third day or so). But might depend on trust level as well…

So, message (20) and reality (10) are different.

If you get a 20 characters message then your limit is 20, I get a 10 characters message if I try. (at least here in this reply).

New topics: 20
Replies: 10

Ah, new topic; well, makes sense to me. With less the poster would just get a pointer to “ask a good question” …

AFAICT that’s a global setting, not configurable per TL or per category.