Different page margins in the same document

I am trying to have different page margins in the second half of my document. How do I do that? I am guessing I need to create Sections, but I can’t really make it work.

Any clue?


CAUTION! Sections in Writer are not the same as in M$ Word. You can get most of Word section effects with Writer page styles. In Writer, sections are used to temporarily alter some page characteristics (like margins or number of columns) while keeping the same header/footer.

Consequently, in Writer you would use page styles and in some less frequent cases sections. From what you want, it is clearly the page style case.

Hello @Torrao

Prepare a new page template in Styles. Let’s call it 2nd doc part

Then, insert at the requested section location, a new page break by Insert>More breaks>Manual break, then select Page break and select 2nd doc part as Style.

Let us know if you succeed.

Kind regards, Michel

It worked! Thanks a lot