Different recent document list per program

I am using Libre Office as my main office suite in my work in a Ubuntu 16.04 environment.

I am mainly using Writer with Calc. The problem is that the merged environment of Libre office creates a unified recent documents list for both programs which may not be optimal. I am seldom using documents from both programs in the same frequency, meaning I may edit multiple Writer docs for a fewer Calc docs. This leads to loss my Calc docs in the list (as the list is populated my Writer docs primarily).

Is there any way to create 2 different recent document list one for each program?

You don’t understand an important thing: LibreOffice is one single program. Calc and Writer are basically just two frontends sharing the same core libraries. So, what you want may be not possible or may require too much programming work. As for me, I would strongly object such a change. I use mainly Writer and Calc, as well as Impress and Draw sometimes and I find it very convenient to have all recent documents with the respective thumbnails in the same window.

No one suggests to cut this feature. But it could be an option to update the recent documents’ list per frontend (if you prefer this jargon) or per libre office program in general. I don’t think it’s too much work either although not sure it’s implemented though.

Nice to know, but it doesn’t solve the problem. Can I pay someone to fix this?

The PickList is part of the user profile, and I do not know a way to keep more than one PickList, and to choose one of them. I would dissuade from tampering with any user profile itself - except in rare cases after corruption concerning scripts or templates.

However, if installed “for all users” you can start your LibreOffice in principle with different complete user profiles of your choice using the command line options with a “-env:” part. I tested this with starting LibO V6.1.1.1 with copies from an old user profile (different version) from 2017-11 and it worked as expected. Anyway: Much to much to regard; much to many risks.

"C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\soffice.exe" -env:UserInstallation=file:///C:/Users/MyUserName/Documents/tmp/ where this folder contains a subfolder user which in turn holds all the content of the user profile.

Please note: If you start two instances of LibO with different user profiles at the same time, they don’t know one of the other. No specific Copy/Paste e.g. Behaviour same as with two independent applications.