Different shapes with different bitmap background image

I am trying to insert images in a circle form. In order to do so, I do Insert->Shape->Basic Shapes->Circle, and then from Edit Style I go to Area tab and import my photo as a bitmap.

My problem is that when I insert a new circle, it automatically has the last image as background, and if I change it - the new image is applied to old circle as well.

How can I have different rounded photos?

It is happened because you have used SAME style. You need create and apply more styles (styles = named property groups) and you need set another image as background in the new styles.

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You might find it easier to do it this way:

  1. Crop the raster image to square with the important part central
  2. Drag the circle over the raster image. Important: Arrange the raster image to the back if it covers the circle
  3. Select both, right click and select Shapes > Intersect


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I have added your example to the wiki. Many thanks for that.

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Thanks you very much, great solution!

I would call it another method rather than a workaround; this is the intention of Intersect command.