Different "View" modes for Calc sheets?

Currently if one changes the view mode (View → Normal/PageBreak), this change will apply to all sheets in a Calc document. Would it be possible to define the View mode separately for each sheet? There is a reason for this:

Let’s assume the user builds a page to be printed and it requires to see it in Page Break mode, so it can better format it. At the same time, on separate sheets other things are happening (helper tables/formulas, etc) which do not require printing, but where a normal tabular view would be more beneficial. As it is now, the user would have to permanently switch between the two view modes, based on the needs, which is not very productive.

This feature could be added as an option, so if some users wish to have the setting applied to the entire workbook, that would be their choice, but also for other users who need different views on different sheets should be able to do it so.

Thanks for your attention in this matter.

This appears as a very nice feature request … but it is off-topic here (on a site dedicated for helping users in problems), and must be filed to Bug Tracker. Believe me, it will never get developers’ attention here, not because they would stubbornly ignore it because of improper placement, but because they use bug tracker for that kind of things, and simply don’t look here for things to fix.

thanks for pointing me towards the right place to post this feature request. The only reason I posted here was because I couldn’t find the bug tracker. I will make sure to post it in the right place.

You can open a second view of the document via menu Windows > New Window. You can use one Window in Normal View and the other in Print View. This does not generate a new document, it is still the same document. Changes made in one Window, will be visible in the other Window immediately. When you save the document, the current active view is saved.

If you are interested in a (very raw) solution based on user code:
-1- Download this attached document.
-2- Check the contained BASIC code to make sure it’s safe.
-3a- Reload the file permitting macro execution or
-3b- Move the module ‘viewMode’ to your Standard library.
-4- Play the document.

-5- Find out how the view mode can be changed without the dispatch helper, and tell me.

The suggestion by @Regina is clearly preferrable if the handling satisfies.