Difficult viewing the downloaded ppt in libreoffice writer

I have downloaded a ppt, and if i open it in LibreOffice impress, i am not able to view comfortably. If i view in normal mode, only one slide per window is coming, and i am not able to go to the next slide… how to go to next slide here…??
and i want to view as:- having a side plane on left and the slides should be viewed in big (as in Microsoft ppt). I want to view the slides as it can be viewed in Microsoft windows ppt.
My personal view is that why is this LibreOffice are complicated…?? it is not that user-friendly as Microsoft…!!!
can anybody help me…

Thank you…

Yes, I agree: learning new things is never user-friendly.

it is not that user-friendly as Microsoft…!!!

Could not agree more. LibreOffice is not that, it is much more friendly.

I don’t care much for MicroSoft products, but that is no reason to begin throwing with mud.
Like all other/new tools you want to use you have to learn how to use them.
Fifteen years ago I would have answered: ‘Read the (f*) manual’. but with all software being downloaded, not clear manual seems to be attached. And even if, we humans are so arrogant to think that all advantage will come at no cost. Please invest some learning before dismissing any software.

Remember when opening/importing files generated in other software, there can be some incompatibility between applications.

Remember also that LibreOffice is a mega project between many developers who, without wanting the profit, made this package possible. LibreOffice and other free open source applications offer pretty professional solutions for all people, something what cannot be said of commercial products.

Thanks to those developers!

The answer is here.