Difficulty in reinstalling new versions

Using Windows XP, I had a LibreOffice version 3.xxx? on a drive (M:) that had a hardware failure. When I try to use the Windows installer, it apparently does attempt to install the new version 4.4.4 of LibreOffice on the C: drive, but then searches for the version 3 to remove it during the validation phase of the installation, and the installation process fails since the defunct drive is not there. Is there a way to force the installation validation to complete so that the installation process does not abort? Thank you.

Maybe a program like ccleaner can help to clean the old installation from the system.

Even though you used LO from Drive M the program was installed elsewhere (almost certainly on Drive C: - look at this Wiki Page for fuller details). Specifically, your user profile is located on that drive, and as you attempt to re-install v4.4.4 it is using the old info whilst attempting an update. It is that old info that is causing you grief.

The simplest method is to rename your old profile (refer to the earlier link) then re-attempt to update. You will lose all your old setup but hey! That is what’s causing your problems. After you update you can take the time, if you really want to, to re-use parts of your old setup.

My problems whilst using winXP were with the C: drive. Yikes! I switched to Debian.