Directions for adding Smart Links in Calc don't work

I’ve been creating a non-mathematical (i.e., no formulas or anything) spreadsheet in Calc. I’ve been entering URLs in one column. They’re dead–I’d have to copy and paste to use them. At first, that wasn’t an issue, but now I’d like to make them live. Instructions given by “help” on Calc said I needed to make sure smart links was turned on, and say to go to the Edit tab, then Substitutions and then Smart Links. Alright. Except there’s no “Substitutions” listed under Edit. I thought maybe I needed an update (though I found similar directions elsewhere that dated from 2013) so I updated LibreOffice. And I still have no “Substitutions” listed under the Edit tab. Or under the Tools tab, for that matter, or under the Insert or Format or even Data tabs. So now what?

Hello @kejones4,

It seems you followed the instructions for creating “Smart Links” from

In LibreOffice Calc, you can create a clickable hyperlink by typing a full URL into a cell, and then press the Spacebar.
The hyperlink target is automatically opened when you CTRL-click on it.

Alternatively, you could use the built-in function =HYPERLINK( <URL>; <CELLTEXT> )

With Regards, lib