Disable Auto-Hyphenation

When I try to uncheck “Automatically” under Format → Paragraph Style → Text Flow in order to remove automatically huyphened words. Nothing happens, the document is still full of hyphenated words at the end of some of the lines.

I am pretty sure that I have selected the correct style, I have even tried to do this to the Default Style which sits at my styles root.

Does anybody have any suggestions to how I could solve this, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in adcance

Could you please inform on details like OS, LibO Version and the details for each step you took and what the result was?

Running Version on Ubuntu 14.04LTS

The steps are uncheck “Automatically” under Format → Paragraph Style → Text Flow
I have also tried to mark all the text and do this.

The result is that words still are showing up hyphened

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Normally direct formatting overwrites Styles and Format settings, thus selecting the text and use
Format → Paragraph Style → Text Flow and uncheck “Automatically” should work.
I tested this on my XP machine.

As you use Ubuntu I would look additionally into the paragraph style in Styles and Formatting window (F11) and check if there is Hyphenation switched off as well.

If this does not lead to the solution, I would reset the user profile. This helps often in case of “strange” behavior of LibO. It is easy to be done and the guideline is here: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/UserProfile