Disable back browse button/Force default folder

Hello everyone,

I want to be able to open libreoffice docs under a Linux system, but I want to be able to edit the files that are in a specific folder (typically user home) and the folders under it. Basically not to be able to go back in the linux folder hierarchy.

I have thought there are to options…to disable the back browse button or to force libreoffice not to let you go back in folders that are above in the hierarchy tree…

I hope my explanations is understandable.

Thanks in advance for your time,


Are you talking about your file manager?

Well, Im talking about the open/save file menu, where you can go up and down in the directory hierarchy, going from /, to any other path in the system.

Let say the folder by default is /home/user1/. I want to forbide the user to go to /home/ or any other precedent folder in the hierarchy, just allow the user to navigate, save/open, inside /home/user1 and following directorys. Home/user1/*.

I hope this clarify my question…