Disable hyperlink hyphenation with automatic hyphenation of other text

I am using automatic hyphenation for breaking text into paragraph. The text contains some hyperlinks which I would like to keep unbroken for readability (it is not clear if the hyphen is dash in the hyperlink or just a hyphen). Is there an option to disable breaking certain words? Or can I disable hyperlink hyphenation globally?

Which operating system and LO version are you using? Also, which file format (ODT, DOC/X) are you using?

The characters in the hyperlink should be the hyphen-minus (U+002d) character. Automatic hyphenation is used to break words rather than paragraphs i.e., “relative” can become “rel-” at the end of one line and “ative” at the start of the next. Hyperlinks are generally set in the Internet Link character style, but unfortunately character styles do not deal with breaking, as this is handled by paragraph styles. Even taking this into account and with hyphenation turned on (and set to 2 characters) a hyperlink will only break at an existing hyphen (e.g., http://this-and-that.com/) rather than break a lengthy non-hyphenated string (e.g., http://reallylongdomainname.com/). Can you edit your question to provide an example of how the hyperlinks are being broken?