Disable libre office startup/dispatcher menu

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When I launch one of the LO programs, writer, calc, etc, and I finish working with it, closing it, there still appears a central menu, with a LO logo in the middle of the screen and the options to open or start LO programs: calc, writer, etc.

Is there any way to disable it so when I close the program, the whole LO is closed? Or to launch it without the menu?

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You are using Windows as your OS?

  1. If you have open ONLY ONE DOCUMENT, you should get offered TWO icons for"Close" (looking like “X”). The one at the right side of the menu bar will only close the documet. The other one (title bar of the main window) will also shut down the application.

  2. ‘File’> ‘Close’ will only close the document. ‘File’>‘Exit LibreOffice’ should act as it says, even if more unchanged documents are open.

  3. If you see the LO Logo after closing all the documents you are still using a version from the 3.xy family. Otherwise you should see thumbnails for the recent documents.

Thanks for your answer Lupp.

Im using Ubuntu 13.10 and Libre Office v4.1.

I think I didnt explain my self correctly.

I want to launch the apps, like writer or calc, but when the document Im editing is closed, I dont want LO to show a global/startup menu with the options of opening a new doc or strating any of the apps. I just want LO to finished along with the app.

I dont know if it is possible to launch it that way, or maybe I have to code a macro that close the entire LO when the current document is closed…

Hope I have clarified the issue.

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Hallo Jorge, LibreOffice is not a bundle of office apps. It comes with a couple of launchers but everyone of them will load the same main module (soffice.bin) and then take additional action as loading a module, creating a first ‘Untitled…’ document of the chosen class, maybe something else. Closing the LAST document of any class using the “main close icon” will shut down everything. So will choosing ‘File’>‘Exit LibreOffice’ (Ctrl+Q). For every changed document you will get an alert.

In other applications, when you press Ctrl+W it closes each document. When all documents are closed, the main window goes away, too. Is there a way to make LibO do this too?

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“when the document Im editing is closed, I dont want LO to show a global/startup menu with the options of opening a new doc or strating any of the apps”

Closing a document and closing an application are really two very separate operations. For many reasons it is not safe to close a document by closing the application that has opened the document.

Relative to libreoffice 6, to avoid being forced to see, use, and/or close the start center window simply don’t allow VC_redist.exe or VC_redist.x64.exe to install. The option is available toward the end of 6’s install process. If VC_redist… is installed then when any segment (Write, Calc, Draw, …) is opened the start center window is also opened, which then takes over precious screen real estate and can’t easily be closed, nor can the start center window be disabled, at least in standard settings options. Though an X (close) button is available in the upper right of segment windows, the start center window doesn’t have an X button, so customers are forced to close it via start center menus.

At least for me the start center window opens with a locked dimension that extends from the top to the bottom of the screen, and cannot be adjusted. Dimension/Size adjustments are available at right and left edges, but not top or bottom edges.

I presume the hype is correct about how well LO 6 functions, but forcing customers into using a start center window is depressingly similar to Microsoft’s invasive software perspectives which attempt to force their users to do things a “new” way, regardless of how experienced, intelligent, or organized we are.

Until I happened upon this solution I was preparing to perpetually avoid at least LibreOffice 6. I’ve been using LO versions because I can customize the interface and don’t have to try to work around or capitulate to Microsoft’s “vision.” I much prefer WordPerfect’s functions and features, but a groundswell of supporters for it is just not developing.

I won’t comment on the statements regarding how good to see a start center, but the idiocy to disallow installing VC Redist deserves a downvote on its own. If you already have the redist, it isn’t required to reinstall - and in this case, it shouldn’t be offered in the first place; but if you don’t have it, LO simply won’t run at all.

Please ignore advises like this.