Disable option + arrow keyboard shortcut (in order to move cursor by word in cell edit mode)

I’m using macOS 12.4 and LibreOffice
When I try use the ⌥← key combination after entering the cell edit mode, the column gets resized. (I believe that’d correspond to the Ctrl key behavior on PCs, perhaps it’s behaving the same there.)
What I expect to happen, or want to have an option for, is for the cursor to jump between words, like in other text editors - including LibreOffice Writer, terminal shells, etc.
However, it doesn’t seem like this is a user-definable shortcut. I cannot find its entry under Tools → Customize menu.

Is there a way to work around this? And if I’m not missing any option, how can I raise a feature request?

In Windows, this is equivalent to Alt+←, that changes column width.

In the Functions field (see your screenshot) type To Left Block Margin. Then, in the Function (without “s”) field, click on To Left Block Margin to see the corresponding Keys.