Disable page overflow

Is there any way, I can stop my text in Writer from overflowing onto the next page.
I have a 70 page book I am writing, if page one overflows onto page 2 it does the same with all the other pages
This invariably means amending nearly every page to bring back their formatting
Any advice would be welcome

Sorry. I probably didn’t understand that at all.
Do you know how to work with page styles (in fact: page-sequence styles)?
What shall happen to text added to a page if it is not allowed to flow to a next (often new) page?
Are you trying to use Writer as a publisher surrogate?

Pages do not exist as primary manageable objects in Writer. What you have is one or several text streams which allocate pages on demand. This is what is expected in document processing. When you deal with desktop publishing (DTP), you consider pages first into which you insert text. If text is too long, it is clipped to its containing frame.

You can partially correct your mishap with the use of page styles and “barrier” manual page breaks.

I assume that your first page has some special property, such as being a cover page or summary introduction. The rest of the page are the body of the document.

You should then use a specific page style for your first page and insert a page break at the end of its text to switch to another page style, such as Default Style which is likely the style in use. Thus formatting in the body of your document is “protected” from accidents in the first page.

Your first part may still overflow causing it to be spread on two pages, but due to the added page break the others pages are undisturbed. All you have to do is then to modify formatting on the first page only to reduce its volume.

This invariably means amending nearly every page to bring back their formatting.

When I read such a statement, I fear that vertical spacing is done with empty paragraphs (the mechanical typewriter syndrom), defeating all nice features brought by style management.

In case you haven’t done it yet, you are encouraged to read the freely downloadable user guide which introduces you to styles. Styles are there to partially bridge the gap between document processing and DTP.

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thanks for that advice, I will give your suggestions a try

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