Disappearing macros

I’m using LibreOffice Writer I’ve recorded a simple macro that inserts a bullet and changes the font color. Everything works great until I save and exit the document. When I return, the macro is gone. This happens every time I exit and return to the document. Why isn’t the macro being saved? I have many other macros that I recorded months ago and they still work fine. So, this seems to be a bug in the latest version of LO.

The latest version is 7.0.3 :slight_smile: And yes, many issues have been reported for 7.0.2. Try upgrading.

I upgraded to 7.0.3 and still have the same problem of macros disappearing. Any other suggestions?

until I save and exit the document

And do you save the macro?

Yes. The process I go thru is - Tools - Macros - Record Macro - I create the bullet and change the font - Stop Recording - A dialogue appears - I name the macro - Save. Is there somewhere else I’m supposed to save the macro because this is the procedure I’ve used to save my macros in all past versions of LO?

I downgraded to and everything works fine. I’ll just keep using the older version until the bugs get worked out of LO 7.

Perhaps, a very recent bug: I have no problem with