Discourse Translator plugin for Libreoffice forums

The original post from Discourse contains more detailed and up-to-date information and should be read instead: Discourse Translator - plugin - Discourse Meta.

:books: Summary Discourse Translator translates posts on Discourse using Microsoft, Google, Yandex translation, or LibreTranslate APIs.
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse

What does it do?

Integrate with Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, or LibreTranslate and give your users the ability to translate a post in Discourse automatically with the click of a button. Each post is translated only once per locale, which reduces API requests and saves you money.


  • Each post is only translated once per locale which saves you :moneybag:
    • Note that language detection is also run once for every post. Be careful when enabling this on old and large forums.
  • Access Token is cached server side for faster translations.
  • Translations are rate limited to 3 per minute by default (admins can configure this value)

Translation Services Supported

  • Microsoft Translator
  • Google Translate
  • LibreTranslate (open source)
  • AWS Translate
  • Yandex Translate

Known Issues

  • Does not translate text within polls generated by discourse-poll plugin.
  • Images are enlarged upon translating.

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