Display and print a blank

I am contemplating the move from Excel for our business.
I’m trying Calc v7 with a workbook created in XL that is central to our operations, so I have opened it in Calc to do a test.

I have a sheet in this workbook where each cell simply equals its corresponding cell in another sheet.
For example, cell A1 has a simple = formula, referring to cell A1 in the source sheet.
Where there is no entry in the source sheet, the destination sheet shows a 0.
I want it to display (and print) as per the source sheet, so I want it to show a blank instead of 0.
I only want to do this in this sheet.
I can do this in XL by going to the options for the file and unchecking “show a zero where cells have zero value” (or something like that).
I’ve experimented by changing the setting under tools/options/LibreOffice Cal/View/Display, and un-checking “Zero Values” and that suppresses the zeros nicely - but this is a global setting, not just the sheet.

If I use Format Cells/ Number/Format Code, I see “General” is the default code. I’ve tried both over-typing it and appending it with a ; and this suppresses the zero cells, but it also suppresses the cells where the source sheet does have entries that are not 0 and which should be displayed.

Is there a way of suppressing the display of zero only for those cells which don’t have an entry in the source sheet?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

=IF(ISBLANK('source sheet'.A1);"";'source sheet'.A1)

Thanks, that works.

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