Display Errors with Source Sans Pro

I’ve run into a very weird issue with the font Source Sans Pro that I haven’t been able to crack. This is in LibreOffice Writer, I’m using Windows 7, Service Pack 1, and I believe it’s fully-updated at least to the end-of-life updates from before Microsoft discontinued support.

Here’s an image of the problem, for reference:

All five entries are the same font, “Source Sans Pro,” which you can find here: Google Fonts

All groups of text are in the same order, and all (*except the second) have three spaces between each character.

The groupings are as follows:
Regular (non-bold, non-italic)
Regular (non-bold, non-italic) *No spaces between characters

The character styles are the only thing I’m changing between these, and yet the regular style seems to be having some sort of catastrophic failure of kerning and/or the character map.

Anyone have any guesses what to check?

it’s a bug in 7.0 and Skia https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=135351

Thanks for that; hadn’t found that bug report, yet. Looks like I’ll just disable Skia for the time being, I guess.

but I have win 7 too and I can’t repro the problem here =(