Display Flowchart Toolbar


To access this command…Flowcharts

Click an icon from the Flowchart toolbar, then drag in the document to draw the shape.

How? You’d expect View, Toolbars would have Flowcharts listed.

V7.0.4.2 Win10, Any module, I’m using Draw

More information is available in Draw guide 6.4 starting page 160 from Documentation

Hello @flywire, If this question is about Draw, please, retag to delete common, add draw, and press Enter twice to accept. Thanks. The common tag is meant for all modules (Writer, Calc, Impress, etc.).

It’s a common module, I’m using it in calc now.

Finally we get the actual question. How do I have the flowchart shapes as a floating toolbar?

Click on the Flowchart icon at the side, grab the dotted bar and drag the Flowchart to the side of the page

image description

Drag to somewhere floating

image description

Or drag to toolbar at top to dock it there

Toolbar help

Big thank you, docked rather than floating but you covered that too. I still don’t understand why it’s not available as View, Toolbars, Flowchart.

Creating a Flowchart:

  1. Select a tool from the Flowchart toolbar on the Drawing bar.

You’re kidding me. A bar is not a toolbar??

@Ratslinger my point is I’d expect to be able to enable (View, Toolbars) any of those dropdown toolbars on the draw bar as separate toolbars. This would allow me direct access to the flowchart tools without using the dropbox.

Have no idea what you mean and what does dropbox in LibreOffice refer to? I only suggested you to look at a post and you did not even respond to that answer but rather to your non-answer. Also this is not an answer and should be converted to a comment.

Little arrow in flowchart tool on Drawing bar. “Creating a Flowchart:” links to Creating a Flowchart ie the answer in the documentation. I’m hoping there’s a better answer to display all flowchart tools on a toolbar without having to use the Drawing bar.


Thank you. Now understand with help of other answer. But you still haven’t deleted this non-answer.


Have a look at this post → How to Draw Flowchart in LibreOffice Draw