Display image based on formula?

Am still seeking an answer to a query I asked earlier (“Display image based on Formula: images not displaying…”); I need a different embedded image to appear depending on the value in a cell, e.g. if the “selection cell” = 1, display image 1, if “selection cell” = 2, display image 2, etc.

I can’t find a tutorial on how to do this for Libreoffice, only for Excel, and I can’t seem to manage the discrepancy between the two.

If anyone can advise on the process or point me in the direction of a good tutorial that’d be fantastic!


Frankly: You won’t get me to watch youtube clips about MS office, or to study “tutorials”.made for Excel, and to accept google cookies to do so.

What you want to achieve may not be needed often. If you urgently want to get help with your project, you may have to accept the need to precisely tell what it is expected to accomplish. The attachment to your other question didn’t tell me anything.

Jan 29 '13