display results from another sheet

Bare with me as i am new to this site as well as LibreOffice.

there are hundreds of subject IDs and more will be entered in the future, so what i need is to display Sheet1’s column information based off of what ID i enter into row one on sheet7.

I will describe this the best i can.
currently i have 6 sheets and i want to make sheet 7 to display information based off of sheet 1
in sheet 7 row B1-AMJ. i want to type in a subjects ID in sheet 7 row B1-onward and display in the corresponding column information from sheet 1.

so far ive been using HLOOKUP formula but it only displays the first 2 lines in the column and the rest are #N/A
the code ive been using is =HLOOKUP(B2, Volume_mm3.$B$1:$B$50,2)
i think i am on the right track but i could be horribly wrong.

It is hard to fully grasp what you are describing, but based on what I can surmise, here are my recommendations:

First, try VLOOKUP instead of HLOOKUP. Your description leads me to believe VLOOKUP is the function for which you are searching.

Second, the amount of data you describe might be better served by a relational database than a spreadsheet. Luckily, LO Base is available. However, I would use Firebird or some other engine for Base. HSQLDB is Java-based and I would not use it.

I hope this helps.

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