Display search results in context (e.g lateral bar)

Dear all,

Is there anyway to display the search results in context? For example in a lateral bar. I want to avoid to click on next result every time which is not convenient for big documents.


I obviously don’t understand. What good for? In what way do you intend to use the display. What exactly do you mean by “in context”?
If I use F&R in Calc with ‘Find All’, I get the cells containing the search results identified by SheetName and CellAddress, and the content of each one of these cells as the context in a little extra window.
As far as I can see there isn’t a way to display multiple matches in a (functionally) equivalent way for a TextDocument.

According to the question tags, the request was for writer. I think that this kind of behavior could be provided by an extension.

By simple user code you can get the findings returned by FindAll, and select them for the view one by one. As I see it the specific problems in Writer (as compared to Calc) are:
a) You cannot identify and present to the user the findings in a simple unambiguous way. There’s nothing like an “address”.
b) You cannot be sure that the next finding is still correctly identified by the stored TextRange information if meanwhile changes to the text were made. Again there are no positions independent of the content.
@Dfaure1: What are your ideas?

@Lupp: Roughly, nothing more than what you suggested by “simple user code” and encapsulated into an extension macro. Eventually (if possible) this also should incorporate some kind of insertion/deletion tracking in order to invalidate previously found ranges and ask for a refresh.