Do I have to uninstall Libre 6.4.6. before installing 7.0

I tried to to uninstall with Mac remover, but it doesn´t find all the files and asks me to sign up to proceed. Wonder if I can skip the uninstalling and just install Libre 7 on top of 6.4.6.?

I am not a mac user, but with “mac remover” you mean a seperate software or the normal process of removing / uninstalling software from your macos (e.g. like described here) ?

I tried to to uninstall with Mac remover

Removing LibreOffice from macos just requires to move from /Applications into bin (trash). That’s it.


take a look at the apropriate installation guide for your system

Hope that helps.

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… unfortunately, the guides (at least for macOS) miss the information how to handle upgrades…


unless you have renamed (in folder /Applications) to some other name, you’ll be asked whether you want to keep your old version or whether you want to override the existing one.

So the answer is: No you don’t need to remove the existing version.

Renaming existing version to something like allows to have both version at the same time (at least that used to work for me).

Hope that helps.