Do I need to be a member of documentation team to translate the documentation to my native language?

I notice that fellow Indonesian contributors have already localized Libo interface to Bahasa, but I still have no idea whether the same occurs to the English documentation.
If no translations have been made, how do I contribute? Should I first join the documentation team or just translate it by myself before handling it to community?
I checked it here Native-Lang Projects | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft and haven’t find my language community project, but when I click the ‘Volunteer to create one!’ link, it directed me to blank page. Can someone help?

but when I click the ‘Volunteer to create one!’ link, it directed me to blank page

It should have directed you to the blank email addressed to the l10n mailing list, where you are welcome to introduce yourself, write your greetings and proposal.

Or just send an e-mail to in order to join the mailing list.

Mike Kaganski: I tried that, but what happened was my Chrome tab opened itself and leading to a new tab page. I was using Firefox when I accessed Libo and Firefox is my default browser so I’m not sure why the moment I clicked the link on Firefox, the tab opened on Chrome, with nothing to copy/see there.

gabix: I sent one to, got immediate response from system and been subscribed ever since.
Went to requesting for an account while introducing myself, no response yet.
And also sent blank email as instructed to, no response from system yet.
Just now sent blank email to, immediate response received and subscribed.

The Volunteer to create one has a mailto: link that should open your mail program. If for you it opens Chrome browser with a blank page instead then your “applications to use” setup may be broken, or you have set it up to use Gmail through Chrome browser and may need to run Chrome and login to Gmail first before clicking on the mailto-link.

As I understand, you are now subscribed to the l10n list. Thus, search the list archive. I think, your question has been asked there a zillion times. If, however, not, ask them. But, if I understand correctly, that list is mainly about localization of the web site rather than of the office suite. However, once again, browse the archive first.

erAck: That seems to be the case. Thank you!

gabix: They did mention about the archives everywhere but seems like I wasn’t in my right mind to notice that. Thanks in advance.