Do I Need To Use The Command Line? If So, How Do I Do It?

I would like to arrange things so that a specific file always opens when I launch Libre Office. (The file of interest is a *.ods as it happens, but I assume the answer is the same for any type).
I suspect that the answer involves the Command Line, but I’m out of my comfort zone there. First, is the Command Line where I should be concentrating my attention?
Second, how exactly do I set it up? I’m a typist, not a software expert - I’ve read the relevant Help pages but can’t make a lot of sense of them. Any advice gratefully received.

I recommend you put a shortcut to the file of interest in some convenient location of your OS desktop. I can’t be more specific as you didn’t mention your OS name (and eventually its desktop manager) not LO version.

Such a “shortcut” can be created on the desktop, in the task bar, in the application menu, … Then instead of launching LO and opening your file, you directly select it from a menu or double-click on the shortcut.

Thankyou, ajlittoz, for such a prompt and helpful reply. I should have mentioned Windows 10/LO 7.3.
I can see that your suggestion works fine, but I was wondering if there was a way of having LO (which I normally launch from the Windows Taskbar) automatically load that file. Since I made my original post I have surprised myself by constructing (by trial and error) a Command Line that does what I want, but I have to type it in each time, which is too complicated for words! I had hoped that there is a way to somehow ‘attach’ that Command Line to LO so that it runs without my having to retype the text string each time. Blame my level of ignorance!

First a scornful remark: your feedback is no an answer and should have ben posted as a comment.

I don’t practice Windows. However, it could apply to your OS in some other way. In the KDE Plasma desktop under Linux, I can right-click the application menu to customise it. I can then add another line to which I associate a command and an icon. The command can be the one you designed for use in the terminal, i.e. something like soffice your_file.ods