Do navigator features stay with LO files?

I am highly impressed with the navigator features built into LO.
Embedding audiovisual features (in within slides or otherwise), along
with hyperlinks, indexes, comments, images, text frames, sections,
references (with an app for automatic citations and bibliographies),
headings, tables and others combine to make LO a very impressive
word processing app. It is further enhanced by the ability to change
font style, color, etc…

Are these features retained with emailing? I have sent an email
with an LO writer .odt attachment and many of these features apparently
were preserved. Is this in fact generally true? Is formatting stable through
emailing? If I were to send an email with all background files in a folder
etc., would this be sufficient for all the format information to be
properly protected?

This is great! If this will all work properly, it will be of great help to me.
Yet, it will take some time for me to gain confidence that this is robust.

Adding in R code windows along with shiny interactive apps would be even
more impressive! Documents could spring to life and greatly enhance
the transfer of knowledge with greater efficiency and convenience.

An .odt file describes very precisely the document and contains everything needed to recreate this formatting: text itself, styles and other objects like images if they are embedded not simply linked. To a certain extent, you can also embed fonts if you are not sure of their availability on your addressee’s computer.

Objects which are linked must be sent also otherwise the link will be broken. The recipient of the file and its companion objects would perhaps need to adapt the links if your original relative file position is not “simple” (usually in the same directory as the document itself).

I don’t understand your question about the “Navigator”. What the Navigator displays in the side pane is dynamically built from the document (.odt file) contents. Consequently, if the file is not modified, Navigator objects are the same in your computer and the recipient’s computer.

However, there are two mandatory conditions:

  • the document is saved in .odt format

    All the features of Writer do not exist in .doc(x) format. To keep all of them, save in native format.

  • the recipient must open the .odt file in Writer, not in M$ Word

    Although both suites are somehow compatible, they are not drop-in replacement of each other and will interpret differently file content.

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Thank you for replying ajllittoz!

This is great! I was not entirely sure whether odt actually embedded all information. I read a comment about this issue from about 2 years ago which reported that this issue was not then yet resolved. Enabling the full range of functionality of Libre Office to be stably maintained during email will greatly increase the quality of my documents.

Is there any particular trick to use to make sure that images are embedded and not merely linked.
For example, on the insert OLE Object window, I have the choice to “Create from file” and the choice to check the box “Link to file”. If I do not click the “Link to file” option, does that imply that the file will be embedded and not linked?

It would be very comforting if I could embed all my OLEs into the file and not have to worry at all
about linking. This should completely address all of my concerns about formatting etc. for Libre Office.
My only other concern is how to integrate R code.

I am very pleased that this appears that it will work as planned.

My question about Navigator features related to whether they would be stably maintained through email. Adding in many of these features would require a great deal of effort. I want to be confident that
this effort will not be wasted due to formatting issues that might not have been maintained through email. I will be very happy if everything goes to plan.

The main obstacle now is encouraging recipients to download LibreOffice and open the file in odt.
I have already encountered those who refused to download LO even after ongoing encouragement.
This was very frustrating! LO Impress has audio features which greatly outperform the web version
of MS PowerPoint. It was so exasperating when someone declined to view the slides in LO.
A slide show without audio is useless, especially if the presentation is given asynchronously and
virtually. Is a slide show without audio even a slide show? Makes no sense.

This question is now almost answered!

I am very anxious to see embedded email LO documents maintaining formattng for myself!
Are there any urls that I could go to where I could download such documents?

Email is fully transparent viz. attachments. Those are not modified in any way by mailing apps. What you send is exactly what you receive. To test, just mail to yourself your own documents.

I’m not at all surprised by reluctance against change. This a a psychological lock firmly established by the FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) propaganda of all vendors. “If you leave me, all your data will be lost; nothing will work any more.” It is very difficult to fight against it. The only effective method is demonstration by example.