Do the required Tag keywords need to be updated?

The cool people at LibreOffice rename the packages in the suite so that they are easier recognisable from (writer, calc, impress, base, draw, math or meta) to what we have today, but the Tag keyword checker still check for these old names. Please update :slight_smile:


I seem to be lost here. Using LO 6.3.x I still have writer, calc, impress, base, draw, math. What are you referring to?


I do believe I figured it out. Something I seldom use and don’t even know its’ title. Screen where you can open a module or previous document. This is not a package rename. The modules are still listed the same individually as menu items, still have just Writer etc. on the header when opened and still use the same module name when opening from the command line.

Don’t see a reason for tag changes.

Thanks for clearing it up for me.

I don’t use the command line to open the modules. I use the GUI: File → New → Text Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, Formula, Database. I did not get exposed to the names writer, calc, impress, base, draw, math for such a long time, so I found it strange that I am required to enter one of them to be able to submit a question post.